Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I don't want to fight with my oven today...

Remember a while ago I decided to do a "Pay it forward" thing? Donna at Random Knits was paying it forward, and the goal was to get three people to make something nice for three people each, and you would make something for each of them, and so on. I think it's a brilliant idea! So far, I only have one person who has agreed to pay it forward... any new takers?

Anyway, I got my gift from Donna today!!!

That is two chocolate bars, that I've never heard of. made by Cadbury, which I have heard of, strangely enough. They're cool, One has a red Kangaroo on it and the other has a Tasmanian Devil. There is also a bag that she made, I think at least, because she did such a good job it's hard to tell.

I love it. Here's the inside.

Thanks Donna!! I love the little card, it has a girl knitting! :) I'm so happy! Yay! :)

Tomorrow, or later tonight, I'm going to do my G is for... whatever. :)


Nano said...

How nice is that. There's just something about receiving things in the mail isn't there. And the Pay It Forward is a nice gesture to boot.

Diane said...

mmmmmmm, chocolate! What a nice PIF to receive. Love the little bag!

Tracy said...

That's a great idea. Is it a ravelry group?

Andy's Crafts said...

Pretty bag!