Friday, April 4, 2008

Why... are you in a diaper?? What???

Hey look, Angie's still alive!!! Quick, go comment and tell her how cute the booties are, or Miss O, or both. I'll wait.

Tapping foot impatiently.

Ok, now that you're back, just wanted to let you know what I've been up to. For some reason I haven't been knitting much the last few days. I'm not particularly really really loving anything I'm knitting, and it's making me less than inclined to work on anything. So, I went to work on Juno today, and I figured out that while I love love love the pattern, I just wasn't loving the way it was working up, so... it was frogged. I think I might try the Print O' The Wave stole, but right now using a provisional cast on to cast on 64 sts is just too much for me (I'm taking out a pattern repeat). I also spent all afternoon on the internet and leafing through books looking for ANY PATTERN that I really really wanted to do... and nothing struck me. So I'm stuck. So, what did I do? You got it.

Finished a baby sock. That is only number six. I'm not as insane as Angie tells you all behind my back. Shut it, Heather and Diane. :) And, I... ahem... cast on for another one.

But it's in different YARN!!! That makes it completely different, right? It's *reaches up and pulls ball band out of, where else, button vase* Claudia's Hand Painted yarns in the Buckeye colorway, which is new for sock yarn, and I had to have it, but I didn't feel like dishing out 36 dollars for enough for a whole pair of socks, so I got one and am making baby socks. Plus, these are only for game days. I'm going to make a pair in several sizes, so that no matter how old my kid is during football... you know what? Moving on. Look what I bought Wednesday!!

Yay!! I finished Things I Learned from Knitting already, and it's wonderful, I really think every knitter should own a copy, if only for comedic relief for when you've completely ruined a project. Seriously. I have already read about half of Knitting Rules but I knew I have to have it... and 22 dollars for both of them at Barnes and Noble? That is both TOGETHER. Counting my Caramel low fat frappucchino I only spent like, 25 dollars, which is great. What are you all doing this weekend?

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Diane said...

What! Angie saying you're insane? I'll never tell, lol!

I've been in a knitting slump lately too, just can't decide what to make even after browsing patterns. So I'm knitting a little cat, just something fun.

Enjoy the books! I've read the older of those books, haven't seen the new one yet.