Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's hard to mmm hmm with a mouthfull of banana

So I had a little spending money and I've done a fair amount of shopping lately. First up is my gorgeous new knitting bag/someday diaper bag. I've been carrying this thing everywhere. I got it from UNIC Leather at the mall which doesn't seem to have a website. That's funny. I thought everywhere had a website now.

What's in it today?

Well, there are two nearly finished baby hats. Pink/white just needs the ends to be woven in and the white earflappy one needs bear ears and an embroidered polar bear face.

And I bought yarn, of course. In addition to the three more balls of yarn for the baby blanket I got, from left to right: A ball of Cotton-Ease for this, a ball of Patons Decor (same yarn as the baby blanket) for this, and a ball of Bernat Baby for this. The cotton ease sweater is for my great-niece for her birthday in July and the rest is for my future baby. Rory will be well outfitted when she finally gets here. And no, Heather, I'm not pregnant yet. *laugh*

And finally I went to Lush to get a present for Trisha at knitting group and I just couldn't pass this up. It's Shimmy Shimmy, a sparkly, glittery massage bar. As soon as DH heard massage bar he perked up until I informed him that it was just for me to use to add a little glitter here and there, not for what he had in mind. *cracks up* And it smells heavenly too. I love Lush. I'm going there sometime next week to pick up two more birthday presents and I hope I have money to spend in there. I have my eye on a shampoo bar.

(PS This smells so good and it has chunks of cocoa butter in it. Dear lord. Chunks of cocoa butter. Get thy butt there and buy one. Mmmmm.... lol)