Sunday, April 27, 2008

You don't eat mini-wheats with your ear, doofus

Hey guys! Long time no see! You'll be happy to know my wrist is feeling better. So much so that I've actually been knitting the last few days! But not enough that I feel like typing a long post. Well, a picture says a thousand words, right? And if a picture says a thousand words and I type 300, and there are 4 pictures, well that's 4300 words you have to read, and who has time for all of that? So, without further ado...

I finished the everlasting bagstopper!

Pattern: Everlasting bagstopper from knitty.
Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream. One 113 gram ball, color rose pink.
Needles: US 5 for bottom, 11 for body, and 8 for the end.
Extras: Well, the bag isn't actually finished, because I haven't added them yet. But I'm going to try to find something I can use as straps, and barring that I might make some. I have this idea involving braided I-cord... which is AWESOME considering how much I LOVE i-cord (Please, don't ask if I've finished the baby pants i-cord yet. I haven't.). But we'll see. I'm also going to add an elastic closure similar to the one she used on the bag, but at the top so that I can, well... close it. And maybe a button, just for decor.
Mods: I only made the bag 8 inches unstretched, instead of the 10 the pattern calls for. And I used size 8s for the top instead of the size 5s that I used for the bottom. I think that's it.

Wow... that was a lot more words than I meant to type. I'll try harder to say less for the rest, ok?
Endpaper mitts (still number one... remember when I frogged them? Well, I do, but I seriously can't find the place where I blogged it, sooo... they were frogged. Man I need to stop typing so much!!!) .

Booga bag, with promised link.

And a butterfly dishcloth.

Well, right now, just a dishcloth. No butterfly yet. Oh well. Ok, now get off the computer and go enjoy the nice weather! Unless of course, you're not having nice weather. In that case, stay on the computer and leave us a comment! :)


Tracy said...

Yay! knitting again!

Allie said...

Looks like you're making good progress despite your ailments. Hope you're properly healed up soon and can really get going again.