Saturday, December 29, 2007


Ok, guys, Angie and may need some help. I'm working on a design idea for the shirts that were going to sell for our charity of choice, which benefits fighting aids in Africa. Here's the deal. I have this picture. This is sorta what I have in mind for the shirt, and it's going to say "Knitting for the Cause."

Now, I have the software needed to make something that looks like this on my computer... but I don't know how to use it. Angie is trying to get the software, but in case she has difficulties
or something, I'm asking for your help. Does anyone know how to help us make something like this, or would anyone be interested in telling me how... or even designing it? It's for a good cause... all the money we raise, every penny, is going to go to a hospital in South Africa that has a medicine that, if administered to a mother before she gives birth, will effectively stop the transfer of the aids virus to the children. We're talking about life saving medicine. It only costs 17 cents a day to give this medicine to them... and they can't afford it. This about it. If we raised 5 dollars for every shirt, and sold 20 shirts, just 20, that would be 100 dollars... That would buy 588 treatments, which would save 147 children from having hiv/aids. 147! So please, if anyone who reads this can help, please leave us a comment or email me at Krystalclear2006ATyahooDOTcom. Thanks guys.

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