Sunday, December 9, 2007

What Kind of Gay Muffins Do I Like?

The free pattern has been bumped by knitting tragedy.

My Icarus. 12 (I believe. I was in shock at the time) dropped stitches. I cried. Then I called Krystal and got her husband instead. Hung up the phone and cried some more. Hugged Dylan and cried. Tracked Krystal down at the movies. Got sympathy. Hung up the phone and cried again. I was convinced I couldn't fix it. It was beyond repair. I was going to have to rip it back at this point (close to beginning the last pattern repeat).

But then I took a deep breath and really looked at it.

"Come on Angie, you've recovered from worse knitting catastrophes than this." I told myself.

So I gathered my tools.

And I caught those slippery little buggers with a safety pin.

And using that tiny little crochet hook....

They all went back onto the needles.

Here's a pic of it once I'd fixed it completely and done a row. You can't even see where it went wrong. Immediately after this picture I just sat and laughed and laughed. Some sort of strange stress reaction. Or relief. Or something....

I'll be posting a tutorial on how I pick up dropped stitches, along with the coaster pattern, when I have some time to myself. Probably on Tuesday. That is all.

(PS Anyone who mentions lifelines gets a kick in the bum)

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Andy's Crafts said...

What a brave soul, your title will get you a lot of traffic lol! Looking forward to the tutorial