Friday, December 28, 2007

Indeed! A Candy Cane.

Hey guys! Just thought I'd pop in real quick and let everyone know what's going on. Hopefully in the next week Angie and I are going to have a couple of sock patterns for sale, for the charity we mentioned the other day. I'm also going to try to work on the picture for the shirts we're going to sell through

Besides all that, there has been knitting.

See? Proof. And PLEASE if you care about me or your eyes at all do not click on that picture.. I haven't felt much like shaving for a few days and that's more than you wanted to know but hey, you're the dorks who wanted to click on it even though I told you not to... thought I'd at least give you a good enough reason not to... Anyway, he's what's planned for me in the knitting department soon. First off, I want to finish the first monkey by New Years Eve. Why? Because... well I only have one set of size 2 dpns and I need them to cast on for this.

Er... well, you get the idea. That's supposed to be a sock. It's not. I'm using it for my group on ravelry (Look me up, Krystalclear2006, or look up my group, Second Sock Finishers (click the link if you're part of ravelry... if not, sign up, it's still in beta!)). It's Loksins! which I was supposed to finish... months ago. I also want to finish my fake isle hat, and buy yarn to make Endpaper Mitts, and I need another skein of Smooshy, in a blue or green, to make the embossed leaves pattern from the book "Favorite Socks." Wow, sounds busy already... but then there's this.

Which wants to be something, possibly out of Victorian Lace today, possibly not... anyone have any suggestions? (It's Zephyr lace weight, 680 yarns to 2 oz, in color Ice Blue.) Please, let me know if you know of any patterns at all that I might want to try.

On a final note... look how cute my hair is!

Aww... Ok, drop a comment so we know you're out there, ok? :) Thanks for stopping by!

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