Friday, December 28, 2007

Pervo the Magnificent

So I went POOF and disappeared there for a little while. I got broadsided by Christmas. My apologies. I actually don't have much knitting news to share. I'm on the last chart of Icarus. I'm up to almost 500 stitches, so keeping up with my goal of at least 4 rows a day has been pretty interesting. I did 6 rows yesterday, though, so I can't be too bored with it. We spent Christmas Day with my SIL Zana and her family. Here, I'll show you some pictures since they're knitting related.

Here's a pic of Zana and Doug opening Miss O's presents for her. She got a red cabled beanie and a Baby Mozart cd. I actually made the beanie a year ago before I knew Miss O was on her way. You can also kinda see Zana's scarf in the background and Doug's hat sitting on top of it. I didn't get any proper pictures of those. Sorry!

And here's Miss O modeling her beanie. Can't really see the cables but you're not here to see the cables anyway. *grin*

That's a cuteness overdose just waiting to happen, huh? Look at the little double chin! She's come a long way since the skinny little thing she was in September. She looks like a real baby now! Anyway...

And this is Erin, who wins the crafty gift recipient of the year award for unwrapping her scarf and immediately putting it on then not taking it off all night. lol

I think next Christmas Erin gets a sweater. Because, really, her enthusiasm on the subject? Well you just can't beat it. lol

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Krystal said...

Olivia's so adorable! How do you not try to take her home with you when you leave... :)