Tuesday, December 18, 2007

That's not a duck? Oh... that explains the shell!

Wow has this week been busy! I'm trying to finish up last minute Christmas gifts, and also making a hat for myself, plus Emmy's been here and between all that I haven't really had time to blog. So, I'm going to make it up to you! First, with some pictures. Now, I've been officially done with my mil's scarf for... a while. But I didn't block it or add my fringe. But it's finally done! It came unblocked... dumb dogs... but it's still 64 inches long, instead of 70, but she's only like 5'2'' so I'm sure that's perfect for her. Here I am wearing it.

It's hard to see my fringe but I bet if you make it bigger you can see it.

I'm also keeping busy making a group for ravelry. It's going to be a contest group for knitting second socks. I mean, I don't have THAT many second socks, but I think it'll be fun anyway. People can cast on for sock number two, and if they finish it within the month, they're eligible for a prize. Note: Emmy wants to know what the prizes will be. Well, I figured for the first month I'd give a prize and then every month after that someone else could donate something for a prize. What will my prize be? What else? A skein of sock yarn!

Next on my agenda is my gift for being so patient with my busy week. It's my gift for my sil, Linda. I'm making her a pair of fetching-inspired mittens, and I'm going to write up the pattern for you guys! Want a preview?

They should be done by tomorrow, so come back then!

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