Sunday, December 30, 2007

Without the decreases, it's just a tube

Hey, good news! I actually finished my fake isle hat! Yay! It only took me two days. Yes, I cast on the 14th, and yes I know that's like 16 days... but I only worked on it for two days. Honest!

Here I am 8 rows from the end. This is where it got exciting... and interesting.

At this point, I had to endure the most exciting form of knitting. The great yarn race. I seriously had almost no yarn left at this point.

(Btw, no I don't just keep my medication laying about... that's what I use to help roll laceweight into a ball, and it holds my stitch markers lol) This was getting scary... and oh so much more exciting than a muggle (non-knitter) would believe. One minute I'll like "Oh, no, I'm going to run out!" and the next I'm like "oh, no, I'll be ok..." And then I'm back to thinking I'm going to run out... very exciting. (Anyone else thinking I need to get a life?)

That's what I had when I was done. I'm thinking that's 5 yards... tops.

Wow, I swear I'm not high... Pattern details? You got it. It's the Fake Isle hat from magknits. I made the larger size (but didn't check gauge... do I ever? Nope. You know why? Because it LIES. Honestly. lol) I used Patons sws in the colors Natural blue and Natural indigo, and a size 8 circular/dpns. I took out chart two because it was going to make the hat too big. I really dodged that bullet.

It's way too big. *facepalm* So I'm going to LIGHTLY felt it. SWS felts so easy, all you have to do is look at it funny... So it should be easy. Famous last words... This was my first ever fair isle attempt. Look how neat and even my strands are!!

I was so proud... And this last pic is just for Angie. Remember how I was missing a stitch... and something looked funny on the inside and I had no clue what it was, why it looked like that, or how it happened?

See it, there in the middle of the pic? What is up with that??

Anyone else have a great yarn race story they'd like to share?


Diane said...

I love your hat, it's gorgeous! I'm laughing my butt off over the "yarn race", LOL!

Happy New Year!

Andy's Crafts said...

You did a Great Job, I like the pattern you chose!

Heather said...

ROFL!!!! I have competed in that great yarn race before as well, Sadly I have lost a couple of times, cheated....LOL, and won! Well that hat looks awesome, I am going to try this in BRIGHT colors for my Chicken....she loves the bright stuff.