Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God... It's Celine Dion...

Hey there! I thought I'd have something special for my first post here on the new blog. So here it is. Presenting....

Icarus. I was inspired by Krystal's beautiful Icarus (go here to see it. and here. and here, if you scroll all the way down past the picture of Krystal and Zac Hanson.) so I had to knit one of my own, even though I know toward the end it will be the most miserable slog fest well... ever. It's ok though. Icarus and I are still quite enamored of each other, even if it is sucking my brain out through my ear.

So the other day I was walking to the library and the strangest thing happened. My hands got cold. But I had gloves on. It occured to me that since I live in Saskatchewan, which just might be the coldest place on earth, I should probably have something to wear OVER my sissy little Ohio-winter gloves. That's how these came about.

Pattern: I loosely followed "Fetching" here
Yarn: Sean Sheep Armytage
Needles: 3 size 7 dpns and 1 size 8 (I have a VERY hard time keeping track of my dpns. lol)

And as a "Blog warming" present to Krystal and I I've come up with a free pattern we can offer. Well, two actually. I'll be posting them tomorrow, I think. They're just coasters, but I'm only getting started here. lol

Here's one I finished tonight.

Oooh, I almost forgot this!

This is Manos Del Uruguay (color 117 if you're curious) that I reclaimed last night from an awful bucket hat I crocheted this summer. I'm thinking a Calorimetry may be just what the doctor ordered with this. Not sure though. Anyway, that's all I've got. Bye!

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Krystal said...

I love the way those fetchings look! Awesome!