Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I do everything my cheats tell me to do

Hey guys! Happy New Year! How did everyone's first day of the new year go? Hopefully better than mine... I still can't really talk. So, to pass the time when I should be knitting? I'm stealing from Rachel at Yarn-a-go-go and doing my year in review! Should be quick, easy, and painless, right? Right. Let's get started then.

January: This was the best month of the year! I learned how to knit from Angie, and I made this hat which was my first real knitted project It's in gryffindor. I also switched from yucky yahoo360 to blogger.

February: Wow, February starts out kinda boring. They announced the release for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and I freaked out... I had a candle party... I made my third knitted project, Fetching from knitty. Yes, my third knitting project was a dpn project, with cables, that I did without a cable needle. I also got my first skein of sws, in Natural Pink, and thus began the love affair that is still going on today (and my fiber-snobbiness...)

March: I cast on for Branching out, which turned into a purse, which didn't get lined... and then was frogged... I cast on for this purse...

Which I got almost all of the front done on... and then it died. I also found out that I SUCK at intarsia, and I really have absolutely no form of project monogamy.. is that the word I want? Huh... ok.

April: Was a pretty boring month. I made Misti, my not-really-cousin, a pair of fetchings for her birthday, but I put the cables all the way up the back of the hands. I also started to work out... for a while lol.

May: I started and finished my first ever sock, broadripple from Knitty.

Never did do the second sock... probably cause the first was too small. Hmm. I also made my second ever sock, Dublin Bay, and that... I'm not posting a picture because it was too big and I never made a mate. *facepalm* Thus began the horrible second sock syndrome...

June: I worked for a time at Kohl's, a job which I despised... I knitted some, but apparently it wasn't important lol because I didn't blog about it... and I started hanging out with Emmy again. I'm not sure if that happened in June or not, but that's when she first appears in the blog. I also was really into stopping puppy mills, something which I'm still obviously against, but since they have charity's galore for that subject, I've turned my heart to where they don't have so many charities and where it's probably needed more.

July: In July I joined in with the madness of the Mystery Stole, this years was called "Swan Lake" in case you live in a bubble and didn't know... lol j/k. And here is where my mystery stole is, to this day.

I sorta... lost steam on this one when I saw the finished project. For some reason, I really hated the wing idea. I'm still considering ripping back and over dying the yarn. Hmm... I also read the seventh Harry Potter book... in something like 12 hours? Hanson's new CD came out... enough said on that subject...

August: In August, I got my digital camera, and thus began (what is with me and the word "Thus" today??) the age of the annoying amount of pictures in every single post. Adeana, my friend, dyed my hair (put blonde higlights in it). Emmy's sister had a baby... I finally ripped the stupid branching out purse thing and made a multi-directional scarf. (I gave it to Adeana for Christmas lol...)

I went to the zoo, twice. I also started Loksins (or maybe that was really July... hmm...) and of course, the oh so special, time consuming, soul sucking Icarus, which I gave to my Angie for Christmas.

And, at the very end of August, I got my root canal... which was singularly the WORST experience in my life (not counting that bloody nose incident that we don't talk about... but God and I made a deal. Next time he wants to give me a bloody nose, he's gonna let me get hit by a car instead.)

September: In September, there was much knitting, too much to list seperately. Let's just say Icarus, Loksins, Multi-directional, garden path socks, and branching out were all started and worked up. I also got a new fish, did a survey that says I'm Sirius Black, and... hung out with Emmy. Wasn't nearly as boring as it sounds though... lol.

October: October was the best month ever! I got to meet Isaac Hanson (Ok... November MIGHT have been better... lol) and see Hanson for the first time ever... and after loving a band for 10 years, that's quite an experience.I also knitted a LOT and started and finished a couple of scarves.

November: I got to walk with Zac Hanson.

Enough said? Oh, ok. I'll go on. I finished Icarus LOL and I also finished my mom's first sock, a hat, a scarf, fetchings... a calorimetry, and... I think that's it.

December: In December, I went to this concert called Jingle Ball, co-created this blog, as well as a Hanson group in Ravelry, created my own second sock syndrome group in ravelry, and of course, spent the Holidays with Family. I also got this MONSTER cold/strep/tonsillitis thing that makes me want to beg to god and tell him I'm sooooooooo sorry for every drinking that lava, I swear I won't do it again... LOL!

Wow what a great way to recap what I did this year! I'm not linking to any projects because it's all been done in my blog... if anyone has any questions, ask me, and I'll save you the trouble of looking it up. It's all there in my blog though, if you're interested! :)

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