Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hey, pull over!! Ding ding ding!!!

On the menu today: A book review, my current wip, and a new storage idea.

First off, the book. I recently read the book "Skin" by Ted Dekker. It's an excellent book. I like his books, but as he's a Christian author, they normally at least have something to do with a higher power of some kind... I don't really think this one did. Here's what the review from Booklist says:

"A freak tornado drives five characters together in the little Nevada town of Summerville in this striking morality tale superficially reminiscent of Stephen King's Desperation (1996). Dekker's philosophical considerations are his own, however. It seems that as the storm descended a serial killer named Sterling Red began his killing spree. The reader won't understand why for a long time, but, apparently, the killer is partially motivated by the desire for revenge against a nervous deputy--a Las Vegas emigre--named Colt. Sterling Red makes a curious demand of the group: kill the ugliest person among you within six hours. Otherwise, he will wipe out the rest of Summerville. Not that the little group will accede, but just suppose. Is it beauty or ugliness that's skin deep?"

What do I think? It was wonderfully written. It's one of those books that you have to read twice. The first time you have to know what's going on, and you read it really fast (or I do...). The second time, once you know what's going on, it's that much better. I read it in 24 hours. It was so good... I almost read part of it instead of watching the Buckeyes lose in the national championship. Crazy, right?

Now, for the blog fodder. First, my Christmas present from my nephew, Austin, who's 7.

It's a little purse... his reasons? Because he thought maybe I could use it for makeup or something. I love that kid so much. He cares so much about everyone else... I love him. (I'm actually going to use it for my ipod and it's accessories lol).

I've been trying to finish my mom's sock before tomorrow morning because she's going to drive over here with my dad to get her car (I borrowed it from her) and her dog (she had a sleepover with us lol). I have 14 rows of st st, and 14 rows of ribbing left. I should be able to finish it... if I can get off the computer...

There it is posed artfully with my love, my flute. Well.. it was supposed to be artfully, but I got impatient with it. I also decided to use this box that a gift set I got for Christmas was in to store my wip when I'm not working on it.

It's so cute. I love it.

Tomorrow? What to do with two picture frames, some fabric, and an i-cord. See ya then!

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Heather said...

love the polka dot box.....the sock looks fab in it!