Saturday, January 5, 2008

That's right, no unfinished monkeys!

Yesterday I posted a blog asking two questions:

What did I finish?


Why does my elbow hurt so bad?

I'm going to answer those questions in a minute. But first I thought I'd show you one of the best presents I got for Christmas this year.

My Icarus. The top picture is the way I wear it most often, unless I'm wearing it because my arms are cold. The second one is to show how long it is on me. It's actually just a tiny bit longer. It was bunched up. And of course, I'm doing something in those pictures that I seem to spend a LOT of time doing (almost as much time as I spend knitting)... talking on the phone with Krystal. We kill the battery on my cordless phone an average of twice a day. lol

Now, to answer those questions. What did I finish yesterday?

Zana's Icarus. And why does my elbow hurt so bad? Because I've got some kind of repetitive strain injury going on. I've been taking it easy since I finished the shawl and that has seemed to help a little but if it doesn't clear up completely I'm going to look into an elbow brace and try to learn to purl continental so that I can switch when my arm hurts. I'm too young to wreck my hands and elbows. Icarus still needs a good wet block and a good pinning out, but I decided to spray block it so that I could get a look at it to be sure there were no dropped stitches or anything like that before I pulled out the lifeline. Also because I had to see what it looked like blocked. lol

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kasiaiscarly said...

Two shawls in one post :) Very Nice!