Monday, January 21, 2008

I Pirate Soda

Just a short blog today because I went grocery shopping by myself today for the first time EVER since Dylan and I got married and I'm so tired. The store we go to has you bag your own groceries and we shop for two weeks at a time, so I had to push this big heavy cart around, load all the groceries up to be scanned, then bag it all myself. PHEW! I'm beat.

So anyway, I finished the first loksin except grafting the toe and I'm one row away from the heel on #2. Miss Dashwood was a specatcular failure. I wondered why it was eating yarn at such a specatcular rate. This is why.

It's big enough to fit me. Yeah. The reason I look so happy in this picture? Because DH was saying "Say monkey cheese!" and cracking me up. I really wanted to cry. It's been ripped and I haven't started over yet. I'm focusing on loksins and my shawl right now. I finally said "Screw the boot liners, I can't put myself through this anymore!" so I actually bought Dylan some thick socks at Walmart today. Who knows how long it'll be till he wears them out, but it'll be ok. Ok, I'm done bloggin now. I'm really tired. lol


Krystal said...

Ha ha, I love that pic!

Diane said...

I love the pic too! Oh my, grocery shopping and frogging in one day. How tiring. What's a girl to do? Why knit more stuff of course!