Friday, January 4, 2008

Why is there glitter in my beans?

So I've been pressured by both my hubby and Krystal to do a year in review post a la Rachel. So here goes.


I started making lots of little baby things. I think somehow I knew Miss O was coming. This month I was also writing a novel. The novel didn't work out but I did write over 40,000 words before it died. That's the most I have ever written on one story in my entire life. I was also really homesick because this was just after my first Christmas ever away from home. It was tough. Umm... there was snow INSIDE the house, I caught "the plague" and Dylan bought me flowers, I learned how to knit backwards, I made a tutorial in photoshop to show Krystal how short rows work, and I knitted my first pair of socks. Oh yeah, and Hanson was on tv.


I named my boobs. I made a list of things I wanted to knit. And then I didn't knit any of them. lol I got a new visa, started some socks for Aunt Jean, and started spinning.


I had my first and last experience with railroad yarn (Bernat Matrix). I also had my first experience with Manos Del Uruguay. Mmmm... anyway... I knitted a pair of skully socks for Dylan that he loves so much he hardly wears so he doesn't wear them out. I dyed roving for the first time. I had a hard time taking a photo of my own head. Then I did it again to show I'd finally gotten my hair cut.


I started a sweater for Dylan that turned out to be big enough for him and probably Erin too that got ripped. I finally wove in the ends on the skully socks. I knitted half of a Branching Out just to prove to Krystal I could. I started the first ever pair of socks for me then hated them and ripped them out. And I bought my first laceweight ever. (Black Misti Alpaca) Ooh, and I bought my Addi Turbos. And... *deep breath* I sent in my immigration papers.


Dylan and I baked peanut butter cookies. I planted sweet peas (the flower not the veggie) that didn't come up till OCTOBER. I started a shawl for Krystal and tried to keep it hush hush. I knitted a bag for someone that now I wish I hadn't cause she and I don't get along anymore. I started a shawl for myself and then ripped it. This became a common pattern with the black laceweight.


I finally got my hair cut professionally and they joked about the dead dog they had to sweep up after. I started a pair of socks for my dad which were TORTURE and I didn't finish them. They've since been ripped and the yarn is part of what I'm using for the fair isle AIDS socks. I got this great Shetland top that I love love love but my spindle is too heavy to spin anything I like from it, so it's been put on hold until I get a wheel or get a lighter drop spindle. CIC started processing my immigration paperwork.


I got a stomach bug from Octavia and thought I was going to die. But she's so adorable that it was ok. I started the whole Mystery Stole 3 thing. And I bought the beads for Krystal's shawl. I got great yarn from Krystal for my birthday. (Socks that Rock lightweight in "Fire on the Mountain") Dylan and I went over to Jean and Eric's and got drunk. Then Jean serenaded me at the bathroom door. Hanson's new album came out and I walked at least two miles in 95 degree weather to get it. And Dylan created "Thumbledor"


I was still knitting MS3 but I wasn't really in love with it anymore. Dylan and I went to "The Ex" which is Saskatoon's version of a county fair. I knitted a scarf from SWS entirely in seed stitch and Krystal marveled at my love for k1 p1. I tried to decide what to do with my second ever laceweight purchase. I knitted myself a shawl using Patons Classic Merino and ran out of yarn 4 rows shy of finishing the border.


I made more baby stuff because Miss O's arrival was imminent. If only I knew how imminent... Miss O was born by emergency C section two months premature and was so tiny that every time I looked at her my chest hurt. I finished Krystal's shawl, which I couldn't stand to keep from her a moment longer and posted a picture on the blog. I also disovered there's a very good chance I'm allergic to mohair. I was proud of Krystal and used the first completely random blog title all in the same post. I had the same kind of stomach bug as in July and couldn't go see Zana and Miss O because I would get them sick. And then Zana got it anyway. I hit 100 posts on my old blog. And I knitted the first fair isle I ever enjoyed.


I finally got to go see Miss O and I fell even more in love with her than I already was. I crocheted some little felted booties that look like big jelly beans for Miss O. And we celebrated Dylan's birthday.


I knitted my entrelac scarf that I am absolutely in love with. I started a flower basket shawl and ripped it. I finished one sock in my birthday STR. The pair is still unfinished. I knitted two hats for people for Christmas. Miss O came home (this was probably in October I can't remember) and got to have a snuggle with her Uncle Dylan. Dylan and I finished our Christmas shopping and I finished almost all of my Christmas knitting. I started my Icarus.


I started watching Miss O. Krystal and I started this blog. I dropped stitches on my Icarus. I knitted another pair of Fetchings for myself because my hands were cold even in my gloves. I wrote the coaster pattern. I reclaimed the purple Manos from a hat I don't even remember crocheting. We celebrated Christmas with Zana and Doug. Erin loved her scarf and Miss O finally looked like a real baby.

Tomorrow's Post: What did I finish and why does my elbow hurt so bad?

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