Thursday, January 3, 2008

Run, run like your butt's on fire!!

Well, I've had a busy couple of days. Besides having the plague (they told me it's just a virus, not the plague, but I have my doubts....) for the last week, I've done lots of stuff. First, I finished a monkey. I am so deeply, madly in love with this pattern and this yarn that I wanted to cast on immediately for sock number two, but I've managed to restrain myself, as I needed the needles to cast on for my seconds loksins sock, for the knitting group I started. There's a contest to finish a second sock a month. The good news? I DID cast on. The bad news? Yeah... I'm not to the heel yet. *facepalm* I just... can't get into the pattern. Now I'm going to distract you with a picture of my monkey.

Get your minds out of the gutters... I also started a pair of fingerless gloves for this fingerless glove KAL on Ravelry. They are (my god what would I do without ravelry... I just had to use it to look up the pattern...) Cabled Fingerless Mitts from Carissa Knits and they are such a simple pattern. The worst part has been trying to adjust it because I'm not getting the gauge she got... nor do I have any intention of doing that. I'm using my favorite yarn, patons sws, in the color Natural Geranium. I LOVE this color and I don't know why I haven't used it more, but I assure you, I will. Her gauge was 6 stitches an inch, and mine is 5 stitches an inch. But that's ok. I cast on 36 originally, but that was too big, so I frogged it and cast on 32. That fits fine. Then, I realized I wanted them longer, and had started the thumb gusset too soon, so I frogged again. Then, I realized I had accidently yo'd somewhere, and I tried to fix it but it looked bad, so it got frogged AGAIN... this time it's going well.

See them there, posed neatly with a Christmas present from Dave, the Jordin Sparks CD. It's ok... there are only a few songs besides "Tattoo" that I like, but that's ok. I like it.

Remember my fetching fingerless gloves?

Maybe not. I made them a while back, and they're too big, but I wear them anyway because they're so warm. Just wanted to share a quick story. I was wearing them today while shopping with my mom, and I was hot, so I took them off... and I cooled down instantly. They were keeping my hands so warm, it was making me hot. Isn't that great? What do you guys think of your fingerless gloves, if you have them, and if not, why don't you? They rock. :) Please, feel free to share!


Heather said...

Love your Monkey! Did you end up getting the other needles so you could cast on if you wanted to?

Love the mitts, I want to make myself a pair with some alpaca I spun a while back, hmmm, think I will. They look like they would match your fake fair isle hat perfectly.

C-ya at Raverly.....Heather

Heather said...

Yea, um.....I do have a mac....LOL!