Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pourquoi Quebec??

Hey look, it's me again!

I'm in love...

Passionate. Mad. Deep deep deep love.

No, I am not leaving my husband. Though if the knitting project I'm talking about were a person... Just kidding honey! (Note to self: Show love by finishing accursed boot liners...)

What, you ask, am I so in love with?

This beauty. That would be my first Loksins sock. Yes, I just started that yesterday. I worked on it through two Pirates of the Carribean movies, a documentary on medieval England (half an hour) and a documentary on WWII (another half an hour) plus I finished the last rows of the gusset this morning hanging out with DH before he left for work. I think I've only loved one other knitting project done for myself as much as this. Really. I don't think second sock syndrome is even going to come into play. I love the pattern so much I'm thinking about starting the second one on another set of size 2 needles just so I can do that leg pattern over again. Yes, I have lost it.

In other knitting news, Miss O's Miss Dashwood looks like this now:

That cast on? ANNOYING. Will I do it again, in red, for the daughter that's waiting for Dylan and I to be ready to have her? Oh yes.


Diane said...

Your sock looks beautiful!

Heather said...

Loving the sock.....I am really tempted to start my more competiton for Krystal to get it done really isn't too bad, right?