Monday, January 21, 2008

What are they throwing at those strippers...

Wow, what a busy day! I didn't have anything to watch or do online, so I decided to do some cleaning and organizing. First of all, you guys remember (probably not, as it was before this blog...) the organizer Dave bought me last year? (Go on, look, you know you want to...) Well, he bought me this shoe organizer because he thought it would look nicer and hold more, and he was right! So I went through my stash (fun times, let me tell you... turns out I have a VERY small stash. Who knew?) which was either A) In the old organizer, B) In this big gray box, or C) Scattered around the entire house. (Mostly C). So Here's what it all looks like now!

There it is. Each project has it's own little cubby hole, and since I don't have THAT many wips, some of the spaces are reserved for special yarn... i.e., lace weight, sock yarn, sws, baby yarn... like that. :) There's actually one who space for yarn I'm going to use in fingerless gloves... that's just awesome lol! Here's the original organizer thing.

It's mostly empty... a space for things to be frogged (there's three in there... yikes lol) A space for ball bands and beads, a space for fabric, a space for FO's that dont' have a home... and my scissors and stitch markers and stuff like that are still in there so they don't get lost. Now, advert your eyes if you have a weak stomach. It's the rest of my stash (in other words... nasty acrylic that will never get touched but can't be thrown out cause it's YARN) and it's a big... tangled... mess.

Also in the big gray box is a smaller clear box with a blue lid. See?

It's all of my cross-stitching stuff! Bet you didn't know I could cross-stitch. I can. I haven't at all except for this thing I did for Emmy since I learned how to knit, but there you have it. :) I also did some screwdrivering. Soooo not a word but I don't care. I finally got around to doing this!

I think it looks really cool. The only way I could get a good picture was to take it in the mirror. Yes, I know the frames don't match the clock but the clock isn't going to be there long, because as you can see... it's backwards in the mirror, and confusing! LOL! Dave's mom and dad got us this for Christmas.

It's a wall hanging thing because they know how much we love our dogs (his family didn't get us anything we asked for but they got us all kinds of dog stuff, it's pretty cool.) Anyway, I hung it up above where the dogs eat today. See?

I was proud of myself. The hanging part was easy, but I had to measure to make sure it was straight and it's 82 inches off the ground so it was hard. So that's what I did today. I didn't knit much, but I did finish a repeat on Loksins. 5 repeats left then I get to do the toe! Yay! Maybe I'll finish it tomorrow, Angie and I are watching LOTR: The fellowship of the ring tomorrow. Lots of knitting time. :) Hey, one more thing. My knitting books and magazines don't have a permanant home yet, but until they get one, they're living on my desk.

There they are! :) Have a great day you guys!

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Diane said...

That picture looks cool hanging there! I used to cross stitch too, then I learned to knit, haven't touch the Aida since. Sometimes I miss it, but it just takes so long to get something done.

Love the backwards clock, lol!