Friday, January 18, 2008

I need a hoodie, some socks, and a banana

Hey look, I'm blogging! I didn't plan on blogging just now, but... well, here's the conversation I just had with Krystal via im:

Krystal Grams: yeah. you NEED to blog
Krystal Grams: stop knitting
Krystal Grams: blog
Krystal Grams: now
Krystal Grams: go
Krystal Grams: lol
Angie Ferrier: Grrr... but... but... but... SOCKS!
Angie Ferrier: *cracks up*
Krystal Grams: *cracks up* no. put them down. blog
Angie Ferrier: *growls and goes to get batteries for the camera*
Krystal Grams: *laugh* thank you

And now I'm blogging. It isn't that I didn't WANT to blog (or that I do everything that Krystal tells me to. Far from it. lol), but it's that I enjoy knitting much much more. But she's right. I really need to blog.

So here's what I've been working on:

Pattern: Minttumaari-huivi from Ulla. (How cute is that little dress on the main page??) It's in Finnish but you really just need to know how to work from a chart. And just barely that. Very easy
Yarn: The absolutely beautiful Zephyr that Krystal got me for Christmas. I had to tweak the photo a little in photoshop to get the true color and that screwed around with the color of everything else, but at least the shawl looks good. lol

Pattern: Loksins. Yes, same pattern Krystal is doing for her second sock syndrome KAL. I'm attempting to light a fire under her butt by injecting a little friendly competition. Not only that but it's a gorgeous pattern I've been meaning to knit for awhile now.
Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks

Pattern: Miss Dashwood. Here I've done about half of the cast on. The irritating, bobbly, crazy-making cast on. Miss O is going to be beautiful in this (not as if she isn't already beautiful). I think some little star or heart shaped sunglasses and some sunscreen will be just the thing to give her with this hat. Do they make baby sunglasses? Hmmm....
Yarn: Cotton-Ease in lime

There. That's everything interesting I've been knitting. There's also a plain sock in some really ugly Regia sock yarn and some boot liners for Dylan done in acrylic that makes me want to weep... but these are the projects I love the most. Hence, the ones you get to see! Ok, now I'm off to work on my Loksins.

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Heather said...

Looking good Angie!! Knitting is fun.....blogging is fun....we must learn how to balance. You must tantilize us with your awesome projects so we will want to knit them as well.

And yes they make baby sunglasses and they totally rock!