Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ooooh, can I lick the bowl?

Well, I've been working on stuff, but nothing new, but you all know how much I love my camera, so you get to see some progress. :) First though, lookie.

I have NAILS. And my cuticles... look at them! They're not all chewed and swollen! That's just amazing to me... please ignore the pinky. He's trying to grow but he keeps breaking. Note: BREAKING. Not being chewed off, but breaking. It's amazing. BOTH hands are like that, but it's incredibly hard to take a picture of both of your hands so... :)

Ok, so if I'm in the living room on the phone or watching TV or soemthing, I'm working on my baby blanket. I'm on the last color, but I still have like 24 rows left of it. When I'm done, before the edging, I'll have 460 stitches. Anyone else nauseated by that? No? Ok.

It's so pretty and soft... :) Then, if I'm at the computer, I'm working on this.

It's making slow progress, not cause it's hard, but cause I'm a perfectionist and if a stitch looks bad I rip it out. It's too small to look good on yet, so there's a skein of yarn modeling it. :) I'm really liking the crocheting thing, but it's really hard for me for some reason. Today, as you'll see in Angie's post, I'm being beaten by her in the great loksins race (well, not yet, but if she keeps it up she'll kick my a**... so... I'm going to work on mine. :) Hopefully I'll get the gussets done today. Thanks for stopping by! Just for you, here's a special pic...

...Of Dave and Mattie. Awww...


Diane said...

Your nails look pretty with that mitten! The baby blanket is coming along nice.

Aww, is that your husband and dog? Nice pic!

Heather said...

Looking good! Ugh, based on Angie's post I want to start a Loskins.....maybe I'll beat ya too!