Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ahhh!! Aaaahhhhhhh! *splashing noises* AAHHHH!

Hey there!!! Do you guys think I blog too much? I don't think so. I just have so much to say! Actually... I don't have that much to say. But I do have some things to share. First of all, remember Dave's black ribbed fingerless gloves? They look like this now. (Aww, look at the baby blanket in the background...)

Yeah, that's not happening. Instead I'm going to make these crocheted wrist warmers from Marlo's Crochet Corner, found through my fingerless glove fanatic groups pages. (That last one is a ravelry link). I decided that I have too much knitting going on right now (baby blanket, monkeys, Juno, monkey armwarmers, fingerless gloves for a swap buddy, am I missing something?) to have time to make him those, and crochet is faster than knitting, even though I don't like it as much. And as turtle said in the comments, I do feel like I'm missing a second needle. But I'm getting used to it. So I'm going to get started, and I'm leaving you with this. It's the first time we're doing this so I'm posting it as a link (if I can figure out how...). This is the story I'm working on and I was wondering if some of you guys could give me input? Thanks you guys!

Night Terrors

Have a good weekend!


Heather said...


1)You have NEVER have too many projects on the needles...NEVER....LOL

2)Crochet may be quicker (I think knitting is for me tho) BUT it eats up way more yarn!!

3)The story rocked....I want more!!!

Diane said...

No, you don't blog too much! Keep on blogging, I love reading it!

Andy's Crafts said...

Wristwarmers are cute. I am always up to two or three projects on my list. Wether knitting or crochet are fast or slow it depends on the stitch and on the thing that you are making. Crochet uses more yarn most of the time.