Friday, February 1, 2008

There's a Zebra in your backseat

Hey everyone! I want to thank you guys for playing my game so far! :) No one has guess exactly, but a few of you were very close! I'll post tomorrow morning letting you all know who the winner is, what their guess was, and, of course, what the project is! In the meantime... you know the crochet hat I started? Well, I restarted it... again and again... because I couldn't get the sizing right. I was thinking that I must be the tightest crocheter ever... until I realized something. The pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn. I'm using a dk weight. Hmm... could be why some many sizing issues.... well, the label technically says is worsted, but it is NOT worsted. It's lighter than that. In any case, I went out and bought myself a size J crochet hook and last night I restarted it. And today, I finished it!

Pattern specs: Peek-a-boo flower hat (without the flower) from Yarn: Bernat Satins Solids, color Maitai. I used about half a skein. I added stitched to make it bigger around, and I worked a total of... a lot more rows than the pattern says. I don't know, I think I did like... 12? My comments: I like the yarn, except for the squeak factor (you all know, me and acrylic...) but it's pretty soft, and really cheap. I LOVE the color. The pattern was ridiculously easy, even for a beginner (with the help of her best friend...). My friend Emmy's comments? "It's cute... but not really for public." *facepalm* Oh well... at least I like it.

I still need to weave in the ends, but other than that, it's all done. Any last minute guesses on what I'm casting on (or, um, ahem... have already cast on) for? And Angie, Heather, shhhhh! :)


Turtle said...

love the hat, i am such a clutz with a crochet hook. Feels like i'm missing something (duh, like a second needle)

Heather said...

Neener, neener, neener! As soon as I get me some yarn like that....I am going to CO as well.

Cute hat! Chicken would so wear that hat in public.
Giggles would probably agree with Emmy. But I like it, and Chicken has gotten me used to wearing anything...because that girl does! I must photograph some outfits she wears.....she has very ecclectic tastes in clothes and most days I just have to shrug, shake my head, and take her to school. LOL! What are you doing now? Starting another crochet project?

Diane said...

I like your hat and I think it looks nice on you!

OK, I'm taking one more guess: The Sweeney Todd Gauntlets

Angie said...

It looks really good. I'm so glad you finally got it! And I don't care what Emmy says, I think everyone should wear hot pink crocheted hats in public if they have them.