Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That's why I had to go to Canada

Hey guys, how's it going? Ugh, so I'm supposed to let you all know that Angie has not gone missing (actually, scratch that, I've called her TWICE tonight and she didn't answer or call me back, and it's an unusual time of night for her to be out or in bed, so maybe she is missing...), but she and her husband are both extremely sick (with different things...). Dylan has Bronchitis, and Angie has a severe chest cold and... PINK-EYE. Ugh, poor Angie. In other health news, my dad came home from the hospital today. No rehab for him. He's in a hospital bed at home. I was watching their dog, Sadie, and I took her home today, and she was SO CONFUSED. Like, why is my grandpa laying down in the living room?? It was sweet.

Now, on to what we all know you're really here for. The fiber content. I can't say knitting content, because while there has been some SERIOUS knitting on the monkeys (I'm supposed to be done with them by FRIDAY NIGHT???? AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!), I have nothing useful to show you there. I did, however, finish the crocheted fingerless gloves yesterday. I like them, but they seem a little big. Maybe I should rip out the seam and take out a couple rows. I ran out of yarn before I could do the thumbs, but they're done enough without the thumbs for now.

Look how close I came to running out of yarn.

That was maybe two rows worth of yarn. I was getting worried. Notice how much I love sharing with you the details of my great yarn races? Another shot of the gloves so you can see the (uneven) detail.

That's a lie. You can't see the detail no matter how I take the picture. As you know, pink is a shade of red, and we all know how my camera feels about that.

Hey! As a matter of fact, I do have a picture to show you that SOME knitting has been done. SOME. As in, a little, not much. :)

Looking forward to the weekend! What about you? Ok, now I'm off to do a little more homework. See ya!

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Heather said...

Feel better Angie and hubby!!

Those are cute. I just got myself about 8 balls of that cashmere blend stuff in earth color to make a cardi out of. I am doing a KAL with a friend (local) who is having some major foot surgery tomorrow and can't put any weight on her feet for 6 weeks. So we decided to knit a cardi together. It is kinda plain, but it was what she wanted, and everyone needs a plain cardi in the closet I guess. I may put some cables in it though...LOL.

Okay off to some early college thing for Giggles. I will update the blog later! HUGS!