Monday, February 4, 2008

And that's the problem with crackers

Hey guys, not much to blog about today. I've been working on Juno but it's only a little bigger. I'll take a picture when I finish Chart two, hopefully today. I've also worked on the baby blanket of doom (it's taking forever... and it's too big to fit in my purse!) which is only 3 rows from being done, except the edging. That's all I've worked on because for over 24 hours now I have been sick. No, not the flu, or a cold, or anything like that... just sick to my stomach. Can't figure out why, but it leaves me not feeling like doing anything. Even knit. So I'll try to feel better and think about eating later, and hopefully work on chart 2.

How was everyone's weekend?

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Heather said...

I have been sick. I did knit yesterday though. Today I have slept. I did go to the doctor....that stupid cold that I have been fighting since December is a sinus infection. The doctor says I should have come in a couple weeks ago, so now I have to take these massive horse pills they call antibotics....blech!

Okay, off to lay on the couch until I die.