Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's like playing canasta with a robot!

Hi! Krystal's sick today so she told me I had to blog. And really I needed to anyway.

So in my last post I said I could quit any time I wanted to with the baby pants. Well... I want to now.

Yes, that's three pairs. The green ones on top are completely done I think. The camo ones need a pocket and the icord and the variegated green ones need icord and, I think, some little appliqued leaves. I'm done now. I think it's the turned hems. I love them. Look how cute.

I love that.

Anyway, now that I'm done except for the finishing touches on my baby pants, I'm working on other things. Like socks for DH.

About a year ago I took him into the yarn store and said "Pick out some sock yarn, I'll knit you some socks." He picked out this DGB Confetti 100 (this color doesn't appear to be available anymore) and it went home with us, along with a set of size 1 dpns. And I'm only now knitting the socks. Sorry hubby!

Krystal finished her baby pants except for the finishing touches right as I was sewing down the last hem of my three pairs. So, technically, it was a KAL, even if I did get a little ahead of her. Hopefully tomorrow she won't feel so miserable and she'll be able to blog and tell you guys all about it. Think "Krystal feeling better" thoughts!


Heather said...

It was all that cleaning that did her in...isn't it!! Cute pants. I think a traveling vine would look wonderful on the multi green pants as well. Those are soo cute! I think I need to make a pair for BF's future baby. TTYL!!

Diane said...

Those baby pants are so cute! Who are you guys knitting them for?

I hope Krystal feels better soon.