Friday, February 8, 2008

My wrists aren't at the bottom of my legs!

In the history of bad knitting days yesterday has got to be right there at the top. Seriously. I cried. It was that bad. Look at this:

See that? Know what that is? That's the circular that my shawl was on. What happened to it? Well, that's a good question. The knitting gods decided to smite me again. Sheer stupidity probably being the reason this time. I didn't weave in a lifeline at the end of chart 2 this time, thinking "I finished the chart this time, I know I did, so I don't need it." Well, apparently I hadn't. Funny that. *sigh* I don't know how to weave a lifeline if the stitches aren't still on the needle so it's probably going to be ripped. Flower basket shawl anyone?

And I had started a stole out of Victorian Lace Today in my new black Merino Oro.... It's not otn now either. I messed it up too. I did manage to do SOMETHING though. Krystal needed help with something so I started this so I could see what the problem was. And then I couldn't stop. Isn't it cute? I don't know what to do with it and it'll probably be ripped because that sock yarn was destined for a pair of toddler jaywalkers, it was just handy at the time.

Pattern is here, if you want to make one.

So today I'm starting all over with all of my knitting projects. I started a branching out scarf with some laceweight earlier, but it's turning out too skinny to be a decent scarf (I like my scarves super wide) and too wide to be a headband, which is what I originally intended it to be. I have some yarn that is supposed to be like cheap Patons SWS sitting here in front of me and a pair of size 8 needles so we'll see what comes out of that. Hopefully I'll have a good day today and get my knitting mojo back. Because honestly, right now, I'm pretty low. I have almost no confidence in myself as a knitter and just two days ago I was perfectly fine. It's crazyness.

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Heather said...

Okay did you rip, rip out the lace, or just take it off the needles? If you didn't rip rip it, then I can help. I never use lifelines, I know crazy...but if I get a mistake I just lay the piece on the floor and gently rip back until I know "where" I am. then I pick all the stitches back up again. It is best to pick them on up a purl row so you don't have to deal with yo's and what not. Call me and we can talk this through s-l-o-w-l-y. You can and will get your knitting mojo back....I know this, sometimes it just subsides.