Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I am not a deadly sin!

And now, just to annoy you bloglines users to the greatest extreme, post number two from me today! :) Today's post is brought to you by our friend, the sloth, who is the sponsor of our title today. If you want to know what the heck I'm talking about, please read the following paragraph. If not, please continue on past the next section and the accompanying picture. If you're looking for knitting content... well there is none. Sorry!

Conversation between Angie and I (maybe not exact... I was laughing too hard to remember it exactly.):

Me: Well, at least I have my humor to hold on to. (Don't ASK what we were laughing about before that. You don't want to know.)

Angie: Yeah, there's always that. *silence*

Me: Now I'm picturing myself, but I'm a sloth, and I'm holding onto a tree...

Angie: *amid much laughter* I was picturing you, just as yourself, hanging onto a tree.... so I guess it's about perception. I picture you, we both picture humor as a tree, and you picture yourself as a sloth...

Me: *while laughing so hard I'm crying* I are NOT a deadly sin!!!!! (Picture care of this website.)

And now you know where THAT blog title came from. Believe me, it was WAY funnier if you were there....

Ahem. So, I cleaned Jack's tank today. You know, Captain Jack Sparrow. The betta. He has new pink and blue and green rocks, that are mostly pink, some new plants, and a treasure chest.

He looks pretty happy in there. His dang light burnt out again, so I had to go buy a new one. In other news, you know how I told you all (I may not have. I sometimes think "I am going to tell the blog that" but then I don't. HORRIBLE short term memory, ask anyone.) Now, what was I saying? Oh right. I told you all, or not, about having to wear a boot on my ankle for a month. Well, I took a picture of it so you can see how huge and hideous and uncomfortable it is.

I don't know what's wrong with my ankle. My doctor thinks it's tendinitis, but I've been taking the medicine for a couple of weeks now and all it's managed to do is make me deathly sick to my stomach, and my ankle still hurts. I think I have arthritis. For the record, I'm 22. Which just stinks. And lastly....

C is for.... Candles.
This is my FAVORITE candle holder. It's made by partylite, which I LOVE, and I tried to be a consultant but as everyone I knew had already held a party, it was rather difficult. This is from a line partylite sells called Global Fusion, which is their most popular line. I have about half of that line right now, and I'd LOVE to own the other half. They are so amazing, it's hard to capture in a picture, but see the little squares of color? When the sun hits that it goes through my whole living room. My favorite candle scents are usually fruity or "edible" scents like "ginger pumpkin" and "ginger lemon meringue pie." I was going to say C is for color... but it's really hard to get a decent picture of color. Harder than it sounds... :) See you guys tomorrow!

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Diane said...

I love Partylite candles! Those were fun parties to go to.

Sorry about your foot, hope it feels better soon.