Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh no, I woke the beast!

Hey guys, just a quick post to apologize to you all. I haven't had much knitting news to share, other than the same old, because I've been really down and haven't felt much like knitting. I have been knitting some, but such a little amount that it's been pointless to blog about it. Angie is also having a rough week, especially knitting wise, and so hasn't been up to blogging. So if you were wondering why all of a sudden it wasn't a knitting blog, we didn't quit! :) We'll be back soon, I promise.

Ok, and now, for this picture.

The first person to guess what is in this bag wins... well, nothing, cause I'm dirt poor. I know! Bragging rights. Yup. So guess away! And now I leave you... with pure innocence. Or so she'd have you believe.

How is everyone else?


Angie said...

Oooh ooh ooh I know, I know, I know! *holds up her hand and fidgets like a third grader who needs to pee* That's the stuff from mini wheats. Looks like bugs to me though. Totally grosses me out. In fact, I have one more bowlful in my box of mini wheats that I can't bring myself to eat because I know I'll have to deal with that stuff. lol

Turtle said...

Lol, shredded wheat dust does sound right. It would be a funny color for loose tea, but it also reminds me of catnip...hmmmm. The whole lack of knit/posting has been contageous this week!

Heather said...

I have to agree with Angie and Turtle...that would be frosted mini wheat dust. I knew that this morning when I was getting Giggles ready for the doctor...but had no time to post. I was just excited that I instantly knew. The pics came up before I read and I wondered why you were posting Shredded wheat dust...LOL. I am heading to the PO this be sure to stalk your mailman next week!