Friday, February 29, 2008

I try to avoid Shania Twain if at all possible.

Hey look, I'm not dead! And I've been knitting. Not much. I knitted a pair of baby mittens while watching Dexter (I'm on my third trip through seasons one and two). But that's about it. I started a hat. Anyway, I just thought I'd pop in to say that DH and I are still amongst the living. Though if you'd asked me if I wanted to be alive at 6 am this morning? Nah ah. :) I'll be back with pictures and all that when my lungs no longer hate me.

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The Fiber Freak said...

Cute babies Krystal :) I love the smooshy socks. BTW. I am gathing and starting to pack up your scavenger hunt package. It came along great. I am just waiting on 1 thing to get her. I am hoping it is here no later than tomorrow. I will have your package in the mail at the latest by Monday :) I think you will love it! Have you guessed who I am yet? You may just out of the process of elimanation at this point! Oh Well.
The Fiber Freak