Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yeah, that's how I like my tofu

Ugh, this whole weekend has been busy busy busy. I've been getting ready for my classes to start, hanging out with Emmy and David, going to the movies, cleaning... pretty much anything you can think of that's not knitting.

First, I cleaned the office. If you know me then you know... I hate to clean. I'm just lazy. I don't know where that comes from. But something hit me and I just really wanted to clean. While cleaning, I came across my cds, and decided to go through them. This is a picture of my burnt cds. Keep in mind this does not include the "active" ones that are in my car, or in the other room, that I regularly listen to. These are just mixed cds that I don't listen to anymore.

I was so shocked by the size of this pile, I thought it deserved to be documented. I have 3 times more burnt cds than the ones that you buy. Crazyness. So I cleaned the whole office, and as proof, I offer you a picture of my desk.

Which is so clean and organized it's scary. I know it could be more organized but I really like the way it is. Everything is within reach. After cleaning, I spent a significant amount of time trying to figure out how to hook this up to my computer.

That would be the headset that I have to have for my "learning strategies" class, which is the first class you have to take at Franklin. I finally figured out a system, involving having the actual speakers plugged into the front of my hard drive instead of the back, but it works.

On Friday I received something very cool in the mail. (Note to self: cut pictures only RIGHT BEFORE pasting them to where you want them so as not to lose them.)

One of my groups on Ravelry, a Harry Potter group (actually, it's a gryffindor group and the link is in ravelry), someone posted a thread saying they were willing to do a swap, so I just ordered some needles for her and she sent me that yarn! Pretty cool. It's very... interesting. I don't know yet what I'll do with it.

But hey, some knitting did get done. I finished the first leg of my baby pants (for like, see sidebar.) I didn't finish the hem yet, but let's not speak of that.

As much as I hate hate hate this yarn, I LOVE the way it looks! So cute! I think if I do this pattern again I'd take out the hem on the leg because I think it makes it too bulky. Plus, it'll hide the cool looking inside of the leg!

I'm also over half way finished with my scavenger hunt partners fingerless glove number 2, and... and I PROMISE I'll work on my socks tomorrow. Yup. I promise. Someone hit me if I don't. :)

Happy President's Day!


Heather said...

Okay I wondered where you were, but now that I see your office it is clear. Next you are coming to clean my office...right?!? I also wondered why you were calling them Gryfindor that answer is clear also. Can't wait to see the sock get finished. I have a couple of things here that need to get done, but first I must get the troops cookie order...UGH!

Heather said...

Oh and PS....that really cool yarn really reminds me of a cheese ball you set out at New Years with Crackers....ROFL, just thought I would share that wit of mine that I know you *love* with you and Ang!!