Saturday, February 2, 2008

When I turn my neck it goes... bing!

Howdy! I went to the yarn store yesterday. I haven't been there since the beginning of November, so it was pretty awesome to get to finally go. I love my yarn store. Glenda, the wonderful lady who runs it, really knows her stuff and she's so nice. The selection was a little picked over but I still came home with some goodies. I bought another hank of Merino Oro (Warning, that's a ravelry link) and some Schachenmayr Nomotta Kid Light (Ravelry link) which is... mohair. Pink mohair. Highly un-like me. I don't do fuzzy. I don't do pink. Must have been the yarn fumes. *laugh*

Anyway, Merino Oro and I have a history. This stuff LOVES to tangle. It's very thin laceweight so winding it takes forever. And I don't have a swift. So I improvised...

Hey, it worked. It worked even better once I put it down on the floor. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I'm thinking Spanish Armada (Ravelry link yet again). I'm wanting a square shawl. Krystal tried to tempt me into doing the Cap Shawl from VLT but I want to do that in red. Or white. Not black.

Mohair and I don't usually get along but Glenda and I talked about it and she suggested I try something in kid mohair, which is supposed to be softer and less itchy than regular mohair. And it is. I worked with regular mohair last summer to knit Kiri (ravelry again) and I thought I was going to itch my skin off. This stuff is great though. No itching.

What am I doing with it you ask?

Ice Queen (not ravelry this time lol). I had the beads laying around from my failed ms3 stole and they go perfectly with the cotton candy pinkness. I think I'm going to do version A with the bead placement of version B. I can't wait to really get going. After checking around Ravelry I decided to do a beaded picot cast on instead of doing a provisional one and then going back. That way I can use all of my yarn without having to worry about saving enough to do the other end. That cast on took FOREVER though. Seriously. Oh, and I'm adding another repeat of the feather and fan stitch because I want mine to be a touch looser.

I'm kind of rambling today. I'm sorry for that. I'm sleep deprived and I have a killer sinus headache. My MIL gave us a scare last night and I didn't sleep well because of it. I kept expecting someone to come wake me up saying she passed out again. She seems to be better today though. She's calling her doctor on Monday, thank goodness. I thought I was going to have to kick her short little "French Canadian" accented butt!


Heather said...

Ooooo pretty yarn. Your ice queen is going to be goreous! Praying your MIL is okay. Okay so if you your hubby is from Canada and you are from oh how did you end up there in the frozen north? LOL, inquiring minds wanna know!

Angie said...

lol Hubby and I met on the internet and got married. I'm immigrating to Canada because he and I both prefer living here.

Turtle said...

Ice queen was a fun pattern! I ran out on the facial ruffle but had a remnant that coordinated well so it worked out allright. That mohari reminds me of an item in Fitted Knits i have been wanting to knit up. have fun!