Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let me know if you see eyes... Oompa Loompa!!

Ok, so I've had a relatively busy weekend, so not much knitting got done. I did work a little on Juno but if I take a picture of it every chart you'll get annoyed... so, instead, I have a couple of pictures of the hearts I made! Yes, I'm completely crochet pattern illiterate. Angie had to make a heart herself just so she could tell me how to do it. After about 10 different attempts I finally got this.

I still haven't woven in my ends, but there it is. Pattern is linked on the previous post. Yarn is patons SWS in the colorway "Natural Pink" and I went through the yarn until I found a pink place to start the heart in. It's kinda big for a coaster, but that's probably what it's going to be. Then, yesterday while I was uploading some pics to my myspace page, I started another one in the leftover yarn from Angie's hubby's Christmas hat I made him last year. It's Lion's wool in scarlet. The problem? You all know the problem. It's scarlet. You know how my camera feels about any red color. So I'm posting my attempts at taking a red picture.

This is attempt number one. Ugh it's like... shiny. So, I thought I'd put it on a dark surface.

The surface that I put it on was dark brown. And that's just... wrong. The whole picture is nowhere close to what it's supposed to look like. Maybe if I put it on a light surface?

Yeah... no. Finally I got one, but it's still not the best.

Anyone else have a similar problem?


The Fiber Freak said...

I have this problem with lots of colors. What I do is I auto fix them on flicker. Then put them on my blog. I dunno what you use but whatever photo program you use has an autofix usually. Use the auto fix and hit save you will have the old one and a new improved one. I usually delete the one I don't like and blog with the better of the 2. Good Luck!

Heather said...

I would try to photograph it with white background....then when you correct the color you get the true white then the other colors fall into place. That is how I do it with my photography and it seems to help. Altho I do shoot in RAW and edit every photo before it is seen. Hope you got lots of knitting and hooking done and that you are feeling better. Tonight I am going to update the blog...but if I see you online I will chat with you then! HUGS!